On July 16 the new runway (RWY) of the international airport "Odessa" took its first flight.
On July 16 the new runway (RWY) of the international airport "Odessa" took its first flight. A delegation from Kiev arrived at this important event on flight PQ107 Kiev (Boryspil) - Odessa, which was performed by the Ukrainian airline SkyUp Airlines. The President of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of Civil Aviation (AAUCA) Petro Lipovenko, who also arrived on this flight, brought congratulations and gratitude to everyone who was involved in this large infrastructure project.
 With the opening of this runway, which is certified according to the ICAO 3A category, the airport will become "all-weather", that is, it will be able to receive flights in any weather.
 The aviation community and all AAUCA participants congratulate all those involved (designers, builders, suppliers of systems and equipment, operators) with the commissioning of the much-needed South Palmyra, and the entire Ukrainian runway. The new runway with new possibilities of comfort, reliability and safety will increase air traffic. after all, several airlines have already announced the opening of new flights. Easy, no emergency takeoffs and landings!
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