Temporary employment of specialists at European airports

Dear members of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil aviation, at this difficult time, during the full-scale Russian aggression against our country, during the tests and understanding of who is who, many qualified staff, especially women, with children and parents had to temporarily leave Ukraine to European countries.
We are in touch with the management of the ACI Europe, airports and Associations of other countries and today we have received a proposal from one of the main European handling companies "Menzies Aviation" for temporary employment of specialists (temporarily displaced persons - refugees) in airports.
In addition to the attached file, the listed countries also includes airports in the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries.
We ask you to share this information with your friends. This phone belongs to the CEO of one of the AAUCA member companies.
Hold on, get together. Justice will prevail. Everything will be Ukraine.
AAUCA leadership.
Romania: https://www.ejobs.ro/locuri-de-munca/menzies
Hungary: https://menziesaviation.hu/allasok/
Czech Republic: https://menziesaviation.jobs.cz/aktualni-volne-pozice
To submit a hare, please contact: +380504659590 Tatiana

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