Bright memories of the outstanding aviator

These days are the first anniversary of the death of a wise leader, a caring mentor, a good host, a highly qualified aviation specialist Mykola Pavlovich Shmatko.
An important figure, not only for the capital's main airport, but also for the aviation industry of Ukraine. It was under his leadership that Boryspil Airport reached the level of European capital airports. During this period there were the main objects of the airport infrastructure were built and reconstructed: terminals A, B, C, the first flight area (ShZPS 1), the central airport, and others.
In total, he worked at Boryspil Airport for almost 15 years, of which 11 years he was the head of State Enterprise Boryspil International Airport. He became a real leader of the labor team, a patriot of aviation, which he was awarded with State awards and honors.
He was awarded the orders "For Merit" II and I degrees, "Honored Worker of Transport of Ukraine", badge "Honored Worker of Aviation Transport of Ukraine" Bright and eternal memory of Mykola Pavlovich - will remain in history and in memory of those who were lucky enough to work with him, communicate with him, solve urgent issues.

Our eternal memory and respect to Mykola Pavlovich!

Board of Veterans of Boryspil Airport.

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