Better to see once than hear several times

Better to see once than hear several times

During the visit of Association of Airports of Ukraine CA (AAUCA) delegation in Belgium, with the assistance of ACI Europe , a meeting was held with the CEO of the airport in Brussels.

The event was attended by airport managers of various levels, who organize and supervise work of all airport departments and related structures. The presentation of the airport activities reflected: airport forms of property, its organizational structure, master and business development plans for a 10-year period. One of the major innovations introduced only at Brussels Airport is the AROS Operational Coordination Center, which brings together representatives of all departments that cooperate in the preparation and organization of airport services (airport, airlines, air navigation, aviation security, handling companies, fuel and gas companies, emergency units, police, migration and customs services, medicine and others) in total about 45 people with their informational plans and resources.

Participants of the delegation got acquainted with the activities and equipment of the center, communicated directly with the staff and the management of the shift.

Today, following the example of Brussels Airport, such centers are being set up at all airports in Europe and the world.

The delegation also got acquainted with the organization of di-anti-icing processes at the airport.

Managers answered questions about which liquids and special machinery are used at the airport, where the aircraft is treated, and who collects the wasted fluid, how it is disposed of and recovered.

It was very instructive and helpful for the participants for what they are very grateful to AAUCA, ACI and the managers of Brussels Airport.

We regret that not all airports and handling companies have been able to delegate their representatives. It is so necessary before the autumn and winter and for the prospect of further development.

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